REDCON1 MRE Lite Whole Food Protein Powder, Banana Nut Bread – Low Carb & Whey Free Meal Replacement with Animal Protein… Price: $78.00 (as of 10/04/2023 20:39 PST- Details)

Whole Food Protein Shake Powder – MRE Lite delivers a high protein, great taste and excellent meal replacement powder of whole foods, but with much lower carbohydrates for the person keeping a close and watchful eye on his or her macronutrients from meal supplement shakes.
Premium Ingredients Backed By Science – This high protein meal replacement contains keto protein and MCT oil. Commonly extracted from coconut oil, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is a source of fats that the body can efficiently use as a source of energy for this low carb protein powder.
Professional Grade Formula – REDCON1’s MRE Lite whole food high protein shakes contain a whole food protein blend of beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice and pea protein powders. Each meal replacement shake is just 130 calories with 24g of protein and just 2g of sugar in this motivational protein shake.

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